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Association of Experimental Rocketry of the Pacific" organizes regular high power rocket launches in Northern California and Nevada.

Amateur Experimental Rocketry
Rocketry.Org maintains a large web database of suppliers for anything experimental rocketry enthusiasts could want, as well as a global rocketry organizations database and book lists.

aRocket Science Resource for Experimental Rocketeers
Web-based resources provided by the aRocket amateur rocketry mailing list community, with a large number of free technical design references.

Real rocket science. With references and design equations.

Commonwealth Displays
Rocketry site for project parts you need.

Connecticut Tripoli and National Association of Rocketry. Lists launch information, recent launch photos, contact information or member application.

Digital Wireless Firing Systems
Digital electronic firing systems for the model rocket enthusiast.

Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society
The Bay Area's Non-profit Liquid Fuel Rocket Engine Design and Test Team.

High Power Rocketry
This site answers the question: What is high power rocketry?

International Experimental Aerospace Society
A knowledge base containing information on experimental rocketry, regulations of various countries, and information on grant opportunities.

Jetex Engineering Works
Reference resources about Jetex and Jet-X micro rocket motors and propellants, plus gas generator experiments and propellant development projects

Model Rocket Drag Analysis
NAR R and D Report

National Association of Rocketry
The NAR is the oldest and largest sport rocketry organization in the world.

Olsen Advanced Electronics
Altimeter and timer for model rockets.

Pacific Rocket Society
An experimental rocket society, dedicated to liquid propulsion research.

Richard Nakka's Experimental Rocketry
General information on what amateur experimental rocketry involves, and considerable specific information on motor and rocket design.

The Reaction Research Society is the oldest continuously operating amateur experimental rocket group in the United States.

Swiss Propulsion Laboratory
SPL develops propulsion elements for sounding rockets like LOX valves, injectors, regeneratively cooled combustions chambers, igniters, propellant feeding systems and thrust test stands.

Systeme Solaire
Information on how to build the SS67B-1 liquid propellant rocket engine.

The Civilian Space Exploration Team
Images and news from a rocket building private association aiming to launch the first amateur built rocket into space.

Trailer Trash Aerospace
A group of high-power and experimental rocket enthusiasts in the desert southwest building magnificent things with the thinnest of resources.

Tripoli is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and operation of non-professional high power rocketry. Tripoli has members in the United States and 20 countries around the world.

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