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Aerial Photography Using Model Rockets and R/C Aircraft
Estes Astrocam photos and modifcations to the Estes Astrocam to achieve greater service life.

All About Model Rockets and Blake
Lots of model rockets with pictures of original packaging and kit numbers, mostly Estes but some mid power too.

Andy's Model Rockets
Guide to Andy Moore's Model & High Power Rockets

Blast Off
A site dedicated to Model Rockets.

Boglob High Power Rocket Weekend
Boglob High Power Rocket Weekend in Scotland.

Boyce Aerospace Hobbies
Boyce no longer is in the rocketry business, but the micro-scale rocket kits are now "Neubauer Rockets" and are distributed by Discount Rocketry.

Brent's Rocketry
Site has information on a newly completed high speed, streamlined rocketcar and other projects.

Build Your Own Model Rocket Launch Controller
Plans for building a model rocket launch controller.

If you want a short easy way to build a model rocket with scrap materials 50 hour trial of aol on site

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
The ATF is a law enforcement organization within the United States Department of Treasury. The BATF enforces the Federal laws and regulations relating to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, explosives and arson.

Cambridge Rocket Club
We fly Model Rockets in Cambridge Ontario Canada with the Cambridge Rocket Club. At CRC we fly A-E Rocket Motors.

Carsten Glans High Power Rocketry Site
A swedish site by Carsten Glans about model rocketry and HPR (High Power Rocketry).

Central Illinois Aerospace
A model rocketry club in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Hold regularly scheduled meetings and rocket launches.

Cosmo's Rocket World
Personal rocketry site of Jeryy "Cosmo" Myers,President of WVSOAR NAR section 564.West Virginia Society of Amateur Rocketry.

CraigF Rocketry
this site features videos and pictures of my rocket fleet, including scratch built rockets and wireless video.

D R Johnston
Home page of a rocket enthusiast. Extensive rocketry links. Many rocket pictures

Dangerous Dave's Handmade Composite Home Page
Dangerous Dave's personal collection of graphics and Links to the Hobby of Rocketry, Spaceflight and Extraterrestrials, Info, Links and Contacts with Reinforced Plastic Composites Suppliers for the trade and hobby, Web page design and marketing

David's Rocket Page
Pics, links, rockets for beginners, high flying rockets, hint,tips,and tricks.

Dr. Rocket's Home Page
This page contains my work with rockets including projects, pictures, rockets you can build with Roc.Sim.4 downloads, and all kinds of other interesting stuff!

Dynacom - High Performance Rocket Kits
Parts listings for high performance rocket kits and parts.

Elite Model Rocketry Links and Resources
A list of links to some very useful resources.

European Model Rocketry
Your gateway to European rocketry - directories, links, forum, chat, photos, articles, mailing list.

European Rocketry Webring
Webring connecting European model rocketry and rocketry sites.

Flying Model Rockets
A summary of my model rocket activities, particularly with the early Estes Camroc rocket camera.

Fox Enterprises Rocketry
Rocket lauch pictures and video. Math for the support of rocketry design. Electronic payloads used.

Grant's Model Rocket Website
A place where you can find information on my rockets, the hobby and what it is all about.

Hagewood's Model Rockets
A Model Rocket collection with some action shots and information about past and present projects.

Heathcote Brothers Rocketry
Your source for model and high powered rocketry resources and other tools.

Helen's Model Rocket collection
Helen's Model Rocket collection with some photos and a onboard video clip of a rocket ride.

High Power Rocketry (HPR)
Explore and learn about the world of high power rocketry. See exciting real world projects and share in the lessons learned. Download high power rocket designs and learn about the wealth of tips and techniques available. Fun for the novice and experienced

High Power Rocketry by David Morris
Photos and some audio of High Power Rocketry events in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

High Power Rockets
High power rocket projects. Aerial photography, gyro guidance, timers, and rdf. Also a level 2 practice test.

HobbyRockets 4U
Offers entry level instructions on how to build model rockets and an explanation of how they work. Read about safety and view the authors' collection.

HobbySpace - Rocketry
Contains lots of cool links - check it outů

A chronical of my attempt to build a hybrid rocket motor based on my Dr Rockets 20/240 RMS casing. See how I did it, and my conclusions.

Ian's Rocket Place
Website documenting my interest in Model Rocketry, including model rockets and High Power Rocketry.

IndyRockets website
Model rocketry news and links for Indiana.

Jerry's High Power Rocket Page

Jetex Engineering Works
Jetex jet and rocket motors for models of all kinds, including freeflight aeromodels; free plans for download, and more

JimZ Rocket Plans
A huge collection of plans.

Joel's World of Rockets
My personal website dedicated to Model and High Power Rocketry

Justin's Model Rocket Page
Rocket Videos(.avi) and photos from Australia.

This site is for model rocketry of all kinds. Visit this site to download a free Center of pressure calculation program. Also Astrocam Pics and a Model Rocket message board.

Level 3 Documentation and a North American Launch Site Map
Documentation on my Level 3 project, as well as a North American Launch Site Map with links to the hosting clubs.

The University of Surrey's School Rocket program. The aim is to introduce students to the science and technology of rocket flight.

LOC Precision Homepage
One of the biggest high power rocketry companies.

Love and Rocket
Model and high power rocketry photos, links and trivia.

Model Rocket Association; a free online rocket club for people with any interest in rocketry.

Mark's Rocket Pages
Mark Recktenwald. Married. Two kids. Civil Engineer with full-time government job. Avid home-brewer and rocketeer. Moonlighting in engineering and computer consulting.

Mark, Donna, and Brittany's Model Rockets
Our Model Rocket journal. Pictures, tips, and useful links to other rocketry related sites.

Marks Model Rocketry Page
Model and high power rocketry in the UK. Photos, Video and information on hybrids and experimental launch methods

Massi rocket rocketry scuba family lindenhrst long Island robots

MaxThrust Rocketry
MaxThrust provides daily news and information regarding model rockets and high-power rocketry.

Mighty Duck Butts Free Printable Rocket Plans
I have free rocket plans that you can begin building using paper towel rolls,toilet paper rolls and more, 13 to choose from.

Mike's High Power Rocket page
Model and High Power Rocketry with information, tips, videos, pictures and links.

A new company with some interesting products. "We are dedicated solely to the production of Military and Research Rocket Kits, high quality electronics and components."

Model Rocket Maintenance and Technology
A good introduction to model rocketry with several links for more information.

Model Rocket Video Camera Microwave Downlink
Describes successful experiments using a 2.4GHz ISM band microwave video transmitter and receiver to transmit live colour video and audio from a model rocket to the ground. Download video clips in Windows Media and QuickTime.

Model Rocket with Video Camera
Aerotech Wart-Hog model rocket with on-board video camera and TV transmitter. Construction details and captured video from four launches.

Model Rocketry and High Power Rocketry UK
Model and High Power Rocketry in the UK hints and tips

My Model Rockets
Model rocket site showing pictures and videos of my rockets that I have built over the years.

NAR Launch Calendar
List of sport and competition launches.

NARTS -- NAR Technical Services
Model rocket plans, books, software and technical information.

New Horizons Hobbies
Retailer of rocket motors, motor cases, parachutes, igniters, and motors retainers.

New Ware
Quality resin model kits (also PE and resin detail sets, decal sets) of spacecrafts, space launch vehicles and sounding rockets.

Norfolk and Suffolk Rocketry Association (NASRA)
The Norfolk and Suffolk Rocketry Association are a group of people in the Norfolk and Suffolk area of the UK who like to launch rockets. Click here for launch pictures, resources, news, and much more.

Norwich Search - The search engine and directory for Norfolk, Norfolk, UK
A search engine and directory for Norwich, Norfolk, England.

Pat O'Malley's Webpage
Information for model rocketry, plus pictures, and a flight log.

Plans for rocket, jet and piston engines you can build!
This web site is a source of plans and technical drawings for real, working, amateur built rocket, jet and piston engines.

Project Sky Lab
Achieving new heights In education: A hands-on / minds-on approach to learning. A high-power rocket program.
A search engine and directory strictly limited to rocketry related sites.

Raptor Space Research
The cutting edge in compressed air propulsion is found within the confines of Raptor Space Research's Testing Facilities.

rec.models.rockets FAQ Table of Contents
Introduction to rec.models.rockets, the FAQ also provides lots of rocketry information.

Richards World Of Rockets (UK Rocketry)
A rocketry resource in the United Kingdom, Includes launch reports, kit builds, and photo and video galleries.

Rocket Kraft
Model and High Power rocket kits, motors and supplies.

Photos featuring high powered rockets.

Rocketeer - The free online web based adventure game.
Web based game based around the world of model rocketry. Surprisingly addictive.

This site will teach about model, and experimental rocketry. Pictures, and information about the rockets that I have built included. Plenty of home built rocketry information.

Rocketry Information Center
Recently enacted Federal law threaten hobby rocketry, affecting small businesses, school science programs, and individual freedoms to pursue the hobby. provides information for journalists and others about the issues.

Rocketry News
Rocketry News is your portal for news and information relating to rocketry and is intended for anyone interested in model, high-powered and amateur rockets.

Rocketry Online
Features include website URL information together with brief summaries on related vendor, individual, organizational, club, and other rocketry related websites including rocketry books, magazines, videos and software related websites.

Rocketry Photography
This site is devoted to High Power Rocketry Aerial Photography. It contains photographs taken from High Power Rockets and some general information about camera rockets.

Rocketry Top 50
Worldwide rocketry Top 50 list.

Rocketry Unlimited
Linking everyone interested in the field of rocketry, high powered rocketry and experimental rocketry with all that is available on the internet. - The place for cool rocketry videos on the web
The place for cool rocketry videos on the web. View/Download rocketry videos submitted from individuals and rocketry groups around the world

Rockets Unlimited
Dedicated to rocketry of all kinds. Includes reviews, launch pictures, beginners guide, message board, classified ads, and links.

Rockitz.Com-Missiles for the masses
How to get started in high power rocketry.

Rocky's BAR Site
I've created this page to share some of the things I have been doing in the realm of model and mid-power rocketry. As time goes by I will update this with the latest information I have gathered.

Ron's Model Rocket Page
Rocket fleet, flight data, and resource information as well as photos and video.

Roys High Power Rocketry
UK high power rocket site.

Rutherford Rocket Page
Offers model photos and flying hints. Also shows breakdown of engine parts. Forum is also available.

Saturn Press Home Page
Rocketry books, Photos, and Posters.

Simulator Home Page
Information and files about FS98, NHL98, USNF, Avro Arrow, Lethbridge Airshow and High Level Bridge

Taylor's Rocketry
Taylor Wolford's exploration through Mid-Power Rocketry.

The Model Rocket Page
Contains pictures and information on how to make model rocketry an enjoyable experience for all ages.

The rocket Simulator - - The free web based rocket simulator
Free web based rocket simulator. Also contains a nice descent rate calculator and parachute size calculator.

The Rocketry Page
Links to model rocketry, HPR, and related sites. This site also includes pictures of some of my own rockets.

The UK. guide to Rocketry
A site that covers all levels of Rocketry. News, clubs, and events.

Total Rocketry offers a little bit of everything rocketry. From videos and custom rockets, to a model rocket store and news!
A high power rocket site with photographs, videos, and a rocket simulator.

Verrotech UK - Web Hosting - The professionals choice
Verrotech are a leading provider of web hosting solutions.

Welcome to AspireSpace - The British Amateur Space / Rocket Programme
Rocket / Space Programme

Welcome to!
visit, where rockets rock. Online rockets gallery, projects and launches

Welcome To Pigmaster Rockets
A LPR rocketry releated website in the UK.

Complete resource for mid and high power model and amateur rocketry. Features Chat room, rocketry news, extreme projects, monthly columns, product reviews, launch reports, and forums.

Wirral Rocketry Society Site
The WRS Homepage, lots of pics, reports and articles!

Wolfstar Designs
NITEBOW - Rainbow adapter for Night launches 9 volt battery last 3 hours+ Speed control (pot) Viewed from 360 degrees Seen for miles! Night Launches will never be the same again! rocketry - The UK's premier High Power Rocketry Homepage
Everything you need to know about the UK rocketry scene is avaiable on my site. Launch reports, technical articles and photos.

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